3 axis Cnc Router and 4 axis Cnc Milling Machine

CNC Router with 4 ball screw that is very strong machine  each of of the gentry extrusion is 2.36” x 2.36”  ,  3/4 and 1/2 aluminum  plate Mig6,  linear srb20, ball screw c7 16mm

A CNC Router or Cnc Milling Machine piece of equipment is made to decrease production time. These types of machines are able of cutting and shaping a piece of wood or  metal aluminum, crapper, brast, and still

Cnc router machines have taken the woodworking and metal business by storm simply because they increase the production and profit options of any company.
On our store website we have machines available such as,
Cnc Router 3 axis, 4 axis, and for special orders, 5 axis,
Cnc Router kit
Cnc Milling Machine also, 3, 4, and for special orders 5 axis.

We have to spindle 1.5kw 110v or 220v or 2.2kw only for 220v
On that video you can see haw to setup china water spindle

Cnc kits for bf20 and g0704 Cnc milling machine

BF20 CNC Milling Machine

Optimum Bf20  or Grizzly G0704 Mill/drill is one of the best machine available on the internet of course, to the amount of $2000 we have both drill/mill in our store, bf20 mill/drill  does not require any machining   to add ball screw C7 16mm

on that video you can see haw our machine  is cutting g0704  still saddles

but  G0704 Mill need room on the saddles for ball-nut clearance

With both kit you have option to use as drill/mill as cnc

Option 1 does not require drilling on the base and Z axis column
Option 2 requires drilling in the base and Z axis column but you can use the mill as cnc or by hand wheels

How-to: Install a quick tool changer and cnc kit on a bf20 and g0704 cnc milling machine.

I will:
•Present you how fast and simple it’s to set up a cnc kit on a mini-mill.
You also can find plans and instructions if you would like to build your own.

Build, Diy, homemade cnc router

If you are searching for parts to build Cnc milling machine In our store you will find parts such as.

Ball screws, liners SR20 , Cnc Drivers, Power Supplies, Stepper Motors, Spindles, and more.

for each of our kit we have video and instruction step by step haw to build or machine

Taig Mill

We can build taig up to 5ht axis or jewelry with ball screw and driver for this machine

machine is set table-head and we offer that machine with post-processor for rhino2.0

please check or other website preset here

If you’re looking for a Cnc machine we can build you one,
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